About Us

Parshadi Lal and Sons is one of the biggest names in tandoor and we manufacture all types of tandoor. Since our inception in 1979, we have seen exceptional growth and become a household name in the tandoor manufacturing market. Parshadi Lal and Sons is a triumph of innovation and modern technology. We are known for our innovative, user-friendly designs and durability of our products. Our conquest to meet the international standards quality control has left our mark on the hearts of tandoori food lovers.

Indian food is cherished all over the world and serving of delicious Indian food is very important for any Indian Restaurant. Tandoor is an integral part of any kitchen and add and plays a traditional role in preparations of Indian cuisines, such as flat baked breads, tandoori murg (roast chicken), mutton tikka (boneless lamb meatballs), chicken tikka (boneless chicken), and vegetable grills like paneer tikka (grilled cheese).

Business Type: Manufacturer and Exporter