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What Is A Tandoor ?

Tandoor is currently one of the most important menus in the Indian restaurants around the world. A tandoor is predominantly a bell-shaped cylindrical clay oven used for baking & cooking having with a circular opening at the top & one at the base.

A Traditional tandoor is fired with wood or charcoal reaching temperatures of 480 degree Celsius. Modern tandoor ovens uses cooking gas and electricity instead of charcoal. A variety of Skewered foods – typically kebabs of chicken, lamb & paneer tikka as well as different types of flat breads like tandoori roti, tandoori naan, tandoori laccha-paratha and many more can be prepared by the tandoor way.

Our Tandoors have been handcrafted by Indian artisans for centuries. The tandoor oven size caters to high capacity and portability, perfect for your next outdoor event! We believe these sizes are necessary for optimal results while cooking and can hold more bread on its walls and more skewers.

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